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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brave - and I'm not talking about the movie!

I was devastated to hear the news of the Movie Theatre massacre in Aurora Colorado last week.  I had to think that this was the complete opposite of an encounter I had with strangers at a movie theatre earlier in the week.  

I took Hannah and a friend to see “Brave”.  The movie was great but the conversation I had with twin boys prior to the show was over the top! 

We went to a small hometown theatre where the movies are cheap, the popcorn is great, the chairs are broken and the floor is sticky!!  But we enjoy going there anyway. 

The room we were in had about 30-40 seats in it only.  The three of us where the only three there until a woman walked in with two darling twin boys who appeared to be preschool age. 

They were of Mexican descent with big brown expressive eyes and their hair slicked over to one side.  One carried a big bag of popcorn and they both chattered non-stop to the “grandmother” that was with them.  As grandma assessed the situation she decided that two active boys plus one large soda equals one accident waiting to happen.  So, she told the boys to sit tight while she ran to the concession stand to get another cup so they could each have a cup to use.  (Again this is a very small place and the concession stand is just outside the door). 

Recognizing her dilemma I offered to go get the cup for her.  Thinking they may charge her for it she thought she should go.  “They’ll be fine – it’s just right outside the door,” she said. 

Before I could even turn around one of the little boys piped up and said – “Hi, I’m Anthony” to which his brother added – “And I’m Daniel”.  Seeing they were now occupied grandma quickly exited to get the cup. 

My conversation with these two live wires went as follows: 

Anthony: ….and we have a little baby brother named Jonathon.

Daniel:  ….but he was just a baby in my mommy’s tummy and now he is borned and he is too little to come to the movie with us.

Me:  Oh – so you are big brothers?  You are brothers aren’t you?

Anthony: - Yes

Daniel:  We are twins!

Me:  How old are you boys:

Anthony: 5. Welll, we were 4 but then we went to Mexico then we were 5.

Me:  Oh, so will you go to Kindergarten this year?

Anthony:  No we don’t go to school but we aren’t babies anymore.

Daniel: We were babies in our mommy’s tummy but that’s just how God made us…. Do you know God?

Me:  (quite shocked by this little man’s innocence and boldness all rolled into one) Why yes I do, very well – He is my savior?

Anthony:  Well, do you know his book?

Me:  Oh yes, I do and I read it a lot

Daniel:  My momma has His book and she reads it a lot too. 

By this time Grandma was back and they were sidetracked by the snacks being presented and the start of the previews. 

I, however, sat glaring at the previews on the screen but feeling blessed to have just been witnessed to by a couple of 5 year olds. 

There were “God markings” all over this little episode, but two things impressed me the most: 

1.  Talking about God to a total stranger was just as natural as breathing for these little boys.  What if I hadn’t been a Christian, hadn’t known God?  Would I have been positively impacted by such a convicting question presented by such an adorable messenger? These little fellas had no reservations, were not inhibited in any way, didn’t care where they were and weren’t afraid of offending anyone. If only I spoke the name of Jesus/God as carefree as these innocent little boys do?  What a lesson to me about testifying no matter where you are or who you are with.

2.  The example of being in God’s word that this mother has set for these boys.  As glad as she must have been to have a little reprieve from these two little chatterboxes and have some alone time with her newborn, I’m sure her heart would have swelled to bursting if she could have heard their witness to a total stranger that day.  She definitely has set an example of Godly character for these young boys.  Obviously, they have noticed that momma reads the Word.  Obviously, they have taken note that God is number one in their home.  Children are mimickers of what they see and hear – obviously, they see and hear a lot about God in their home.  Have I set this example for my children?  Are they impacted by what they see and hear in our home?  I have not met this mother but she has impacted me greatly with her Godly character reflected from the mouths of her tiny sons.

 Ironically I went to see the movie Brave - but these two little cherubs really taught me how to be "Brave" for Jesus!

I went to see a movie and came out of there being moved! What a blessing!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A change is gonna come

This Sam Cooke song from the 60’s came to mind today as I was reflecting on all the things that are about to take place in my life in the next few short weeks.

What kind of change is gonna come?

……I will pack up everything but the memories of our house of 12 years and leave it for a  young couple to begin their own memories in.

…..I will move into a temporary spot…for an undetermined amount of time.

….I will say good-bye to Zac one more time when he goes back to college – wait?  Didn’t I just say hello to him.

….I will send Nic off to Phoenix…but this time he will drive (just sedate me til he calls and says he’s there safely, okay?).  His senior year….will he come back or will he stay there???


….My daughter will go to a different school.  Same friends, same school system, just a different building for 5th and 6th graders (5th grade??? Really?  Talk about change that’s about to come. Geesh!).

....Joel will go back to teaching which means sleeping past 5:30 every morning will end (very sad about this one - but I do like me some Sparky time)


               Change is good

It broadens our horizons…

               Teaches us new things

                        Keeps us from becoming dormant

                              Energizes us

                                    Gives us something to look forward to

                                             Helps us set and achieve goals

               Change is good……and yet, in order to endure the changes of life you must have consistency in some areas. We depend on the “constants” to make the changes bearable, keep us grounded and not lose sight of our goals.

The love of family

      The encouragement of friends

               Contentment in spirit



               Most importantly.

Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday,     
                               (Hebrews 13:8)

I'm so thankful for my Mainstay!
He never changes
And that is good! Amen!