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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new

Oh how I wish I could just be "out" with my old back and in with a "new" one.  If only I were a Genie that could blink my eyes and make that happen.  2011 is going out painfully - hopefully in 2012  I'll be "back" to my old self - no pun intended! I guess it's all just part of the aging process!

I was recently told by my Ob-gyn that I'm in menopause...or as I like to call it "approaching my vintage years".  That just sounds more regal doesn't it?  I something you actually look forward to right?Vintage the old car that is behind Hannah and I in my blog picture!  Old yet still in working condition...just not as fast as it used to be, a little more fragile, doesn't get taken out in the real world as get the picture? 

I asked my gyno if this is why I am forgetting everything and doing really scatterbrained things like forgetting the keys to the office, going back home to get them but instead of picking up my keys I took in a lunchbox I noticed in the van floor as I was going in.  This merited a second trip back to the house of course, for the keys! Ugh!  Oh, and how about the time that I typed up September's minutes for the whole church  (I'm church secretary) but printed off the June minutes instead and but those in everyone's mailbox!  Yeah, it's hard to describe this "brain fog" as my gyno so aptly called it.  And yes, it actually has a name!   I was just so happy that it actually had a name and that millions of women before me have suffered from it as well.  I was so thrilled that my condition was labeled "brain fog" and not "alzheimers" and that I was going into menopause instead of having had a stroke or something that I was perfectly fine with the whole diagnosis. I left there clutching some homeopathic meds and feeling like I had a whole new lease on life.  Well, that was until I couldn't find the car in the parking lot.  BTW, when the doctor left to get those meds for me...she forgot about the meds...and about me!  This really made me feel better when she finally came back into the room.  I jokingly said she did that for my benefit.  I also made a quick mental note not to let  her operate on me or anything anytime soon!  Wow!

I read a lot of blogs and think they are so cool and they have so much to offer, recipes, ideas, photo tips, etc.  Me?  I'm just blogging so that I can jot down some memories before I completely forget everything.  So, here's to leaving a legacy to my kids!  I just hope I remember the blog address, to actually get on and blog...remember that I set a blog up....remember what I was going to blog about when i sit down to blog.............remember?????....