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Friday, June 1, 2012

Are we there yet?

It’s been a very hectic week and not one day of it that I didn’t cry over something! 
                             Yes, I have cried over something everyday this week. 

This is how I respond when I’m overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed – I cry!  Hey….it works for little kids –so I’m thinking it will work for me as well.  (Side note….temper tantrums is also a tip I got from little kids…and that has been effective for me as well this week.  I, of course, do the “mature” temper tantrum. I don’t go for that childish kicking and screaming business….I go straight to the dish throwing and pot and pan clanging.  One just feels so much better when they can break a few plates!)

The constant unknown of not knowing where we are going to live swirls around in my brain constantly and puts an ever grinding pit in my stomach always.  This coupled with the fact that...
  1. I spent the first two days of the week working a moving sale and making coolers of lemonade
  2.  the rest of the week working during the day and attending dance rehearsal/recitals from Tuesday to Saturday every single night.  HOW MUCH DANCE CAN ONE MOM TAKE ANYWAY!? 
  3.  And…well….my family…God love ‘em! Let’s just say…..they just don’t keep house the way I do!  This is where the temper tantrum part comes into play!
  4.  Mix in a little 40 somethingish hormones….shake briskly (do not stir) and you have yourself one lethal mama combo! 

It’s so bad that while kicking a broom out of my way in the laundry room earlier I pondered whether or not if it might lift off if I were to straddle it!

Knowing how deep down in the pit of despair I was, my husband (again…God love him), tried to give me a bit of encouragement by emailing me his “verse of the day” which was: 
                                     John 14:18 
     I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. 

 Very sweet of him to think for one measly second I’d believe this and find some kind of hope in it.  My retort reply to him was this:  “Although this is a very hope-filled verse I also know that he left a group of very nice people to wonder in the desert for 40 years!

 See just how crabby I am???  Sorry God!  You’ve got much work to do in me yet!!!

On Wednesday, I dragged my tired and grumpy rear to the office knowing that a stinkin’, happy, cheerful little newsletter was on the agenda.  UGH!  I was not in the mood for this so I began to thumb through some of my stinkin’, happy, cheerful literature in hopes of finding some kind of hopeful little tidbit that might cheer some poor sap up!

I did – and that poor sap was me! 

Here’s what I found: (from the Newsletter, Newsletter – written by K. Myers)

Are we there yet? This age-old refrain of young travelers is followed by a second question: “How much longer?” How similar those queries are to the psalmist’s oft-repeated cry, “How long, O Lord, how long? (Psalm 6:3b, NIV).  Patience is an uncommon virtue these days.  We’re anxious to get where we’re going or to get what we want.  But think how much we miss while wishing we were elsewhere!  In our rush to reach a destination, we fail to grasp lessons that can be learned only along the way.  What blessings might you be overlooking in the here-and-now and the right-where-you-are?     

Hmmm…if this doesn’t bring your broomstick to a crashing halt I don’t know what will!

I’ve spent a good deal of this crazy chaotic week mad, upset, overwhelmed and especially ticked off at those that I love the most (if you loved ones are reading this – it still does not mean that I excuse your trashy, unkempt ways and your inability to be able to see what needs to be done and do it…just sayin’) and totally blinded to anything that closely resembled a blessing in my week.

Sooooo here it is…..My official overlooked blessing list

·       A house that sold quickly – helping us meet our goal to get out of debt – a real blessing that sometimes feels like a curse to me right now.

·       The anticipation of what God has in store for us…where will he take us?  Where will we live???  What path is he taking us…it can be exciting and not something I dread! (it's also teaching me much about Waiting on Him!)

·       Sons who are strong and healthy and willing to help their mama set up for a moving sale!  Love you boys! (again….messiness still not acceptable! J)

·       A husband who cares enough to approach with caution with an encouraging word – so brave that guy!

·       A beautiful daughter who has danced her little heart out in spite of feeling really crummy all week.  Her grace and maturity have shined this week and I am thankful!

·       New friends I have met through dance and spending these last few evenings with them.

·       Good health – can’t imagine this chaos if I were ill.

My list goes on and on – I’ve been compiling it in my head as I go along. I promise!

Am I there yet?  Nope – but I’m going to work at the blessing pit stops along the way!