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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Faithfully Following

Faithfully Following

Last week I had a biopsy done for some issues I’ve been having.  Needless to say I’ve been a little nerved up and freaked out as all the research I did pointed toward cancer.  I’ve been in the “Holding Pattern” the last few days awaiting results from my doctor. 

While I’ve been waiting…and praying…and trusting…and occasionally freaking out– God has taught me much!  He’s just real awesome like that

  •    He’s made me aware of all the little things around me that I take for granted        
  •   He’s showed me what courage and complete trust in Him really looks like through the eyes of friends who truly are suffering through cancer or illness.      
  •    He’s really brought nature alive for me making me aware of every flying bird, blossom or fluffy white cloud! 

Feeling a bit anxious again today in my holding pattern, I chose to go down a very hilly road here in Amish Country on my way to visit my mother in law at the Nursing home.  It’s a pretty drive with lots of farms dotting the landscape.  As I was driving and wondering about things God used another sight along the path to teach me about faithfulness.

 Up ahead was an Amish buggy.  It was what the Amish call a “double buggy” used for bigger families.  I don’t know how long they had been on the road, but I’m guessing they lived nearby because their two loyal pooches where running after them.  The slower one was a shaggy breed and he gave up a little bit easier and headed back after a time.  But, the little terrier mix was in it for the long haul!  He was going to follow his people all the way – he was that loyal.  So follow he did; and he kept up alongside the buggy at a really good pace.  The scary part was that he did not stay in their lane but he ran alongside them on the other side of the road! Remember how I said this is a hilly road?  So this scenario had danger written all over it.

I stayed at a slow pace behind them.  I couldn’t pass anyway because of the double line and the hills, but neither did I want to.  I was mesmerized by the loyalty of this faithful little fellow.  When we started to crest the hill and puppy remained in the oncoming lane my heart started to race a bit and I wanted to pull over and call him to the side for fear he was going to get creamed as I watched.  Fortunately, no vehicle came up the hill.  At this point, he’d gone a couple of miles faithfully following his people with his tongue and tail wagging. 

And then….it happened.  A semi loomed up the next hill and I closed one eye in horror thinking how devastating it was going to be when their beloved companion got creamed by the big truck as they watched.  But, Beloved Companion was pretty smart, and when he saw the truck coming he crossed over to the other side of the buggy. Even then, he kept up, didn’t slow down for even an instant. He continued to chase after his master.  Once the traffic was clear he went back to the other lane, running alongside the buggy, following his people, keeping up with them no matter the risk.

When I felt it was safe to go around I did and left the family with their side kick faithfully following as far as I could see in my rear view mirror!  I wondered how many miles he followed them.

I did not see his carcass on the road on the return trip so I assume he met his destination safely whether it was with them or back at the family farm.

I was very impressed with poochie!  He was loyal and faithfully followed His master no matter the risk!  I sized it up alongside my current situation.  What if I get that call that I have cancer – will I continue to faithfully follow?  Am I loyal enough to clip along at His heels on the “hills” of danger?  Will I continue to trust Him even if it means there are risks to my personal being?  And most importantly will I do it with such uninhibited tail wagging exuberance? Poochie didn’t care what loomed ahead – he didn’t even give it a second thought.  He simply did not want to lose sight of His master…..and neither do I! 

No matter what looms ahead, what risk is involved – I want to keep my eyes on my Master!  For the remainder of my drive this was my focus and it felt good.  Total surrender to Him and knowing that no matter what the future holds – He holds me in the future!  Just like that buggy full of people was Poochies reward – HE is my reward!

I had a wonderful time with my mother in law.  We held hands and I read her poetry and looked at pretty pictures.  We went for a walk and shared some laughs.  I decided to go the same route on the return trip home.  And guess what?  It was on that route home that I got the phone call from my doctor’s office.  There is no cancer….I am thankful…humbled, overwhelmed…grateful…and determined to live each day faithfully following with tail wagging exuberance no matter what lies ahead!