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Monday, February 4, 2013

My Happy Place!

Someone recently posted this pic on Facebook.

The second I looked at it I was instantly transported to my Happy Place! I took in a deep breath because I was sure I could even smell the little guys in the picture.  A mixture of leather, sweat and fresh air; there’s no other smell like it.   I should know - I’ve smelled it many times over the last twenty three years.  I smell it when I linger in my man’s embrace after he has spent time with his third love – coaching a baseball game (Jesus and me are first and second loves, ya know), and especially on the two little boys in my past who the boys in the picture remind me so much of. 


My happy place is our first home up on the hill with my two little guys playing a two man baseball game out in the back yard.  Dressed out like these two, with full gear, and a freshly raked “mini diamond” they created out by the barn those two little guys could play all day long!  When one wasn’t there the other played by himself – throwing the ball up – whacking it hard and running the bases – being sure to slide into home!  Ah memories!!! 


As the snow piles up today I find myself visiting my happy place a lot!  Wishing for spring…baseball…seeing my boys…and the hope of summer on the horizon! 


Where is your happy place?  Claim it and go visit it often!