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Saturday, August 17, 2013

This is my town -

My kids have reminded me a couple of times this week how great our town is!  All three of them have been on a lot of adventures this summer and have seen lots of towns.  It's good to know they appreciate Our Town. 

 Inspired by their rekindled love of the place we call home...I sat out at dusk tonight to run an errand several miles away.  I grabbed my camera on the way out, rolled down the window on this gorgeous 74 degree day and took some shots along the way!!  (Nobody was injured in the shooting of these pictures ...I promise!) Here's a glimpse of My Town from my car window....(If I could put this to music I'd choose Montgomery Gentry's song My Town - you're welcome to hum along as you take a look!)


This is so typical of our area....An Amish buggy followed by a man on an motorized wheelchair and his wife follows on a three wheeled bike. 

Flowers planted along the fence line....lots and lots of different flowers - who thinks of this stuff??

I've always admired this Amish garden - didn't realize until I downloaded this pic that there are some children playing in the background!!  What a treat!

The Cock of the Walk and His Lady!!

An Amish Schoolhouse...very quiet on a Saturday!

This shot was taken at the family farm - where Joel's brother lives - sheep are just so peaceful!

I think my kiddos are right!  I love this town - especially in the summer!  Home sweet Home!