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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mother’s Day…It’s not just for parents!

I’ve been reflecting on Mother’s day this week as many have.  I lost my sweet momma 17 years ago and I lost my mother in law, in a sense, 6 years ago, when she began with Alzheimer’s.  I still visit her – but I miss who she used to be.  I especially miss asking for her wisdom and advice.  I’m am thankful, however, to still be able to hold her hand or make her smile.

My mom and mother-in-law have definitely been major influences to me in the business of motherhood.  I’ve learned so much from them.  But, quite honestly, there are many who have influenced me and “mothered” me in my lifetime.  I am relieved and happy to say that there are many who have also lent a helping hand to me in raising my own brood over the years.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

I realize one doesn’t necessarily have to be a mother in order to possess the qualities that make up a mother.  There are many women who possess motherly qualities that have never actually parented a child.  There are many women, from all walks of life, who influence me and my children on a daily basis. So, on this Mother’s day I celebrate you!  I celebrate all women with a nurturing spirit-- a longing to make a difference in someone’s life --a giving heart and wisdom to impart!  You are to be celebrated!

I celebrate the woman who, even though she’s never parented a child herself, has poured endlessly into the lives of children.  Whether she taught them in school, Sunday school, led a Junior Achievement class or a girls club…she has nurtured, led by example and given a piece of her heart to each child she meets.

I celebrate the women in my community who show up at sporting events, in the cold and rain, to cheer on a child that they never laid claim to.  To show her support and give her encouragement to a team of children who may or may not even know her personally…she is to be celebrated!

I celebrate those dear women who grieve the loss of their child. Whether you got to hold your child in your arms or not, I respect your courage and strength.

Today I celebrate that woman who has enough mouths of her own to feed but graciously invites my child to sit at her table also.  For those friend moms who nurture and care for my child alongside their own – I thank you!

For you senior women who share your wisdom, words of affirmation and life stories with the children around you – I appreciate you!  You are to be saluted for the generations of lives you have embraced and taken an active part in. 

For the woman who has faced disappointment, discouragement and tough times but still manages to teach the children around her about faith, hope and trusting in the savior – I salute you.

I am humbled by all women who choose life, even in the direst of circumstances.  I honor you!

So, for all women who have ever given unselfishly to the life of a child….I celebrate you!  Happy Mother’s Day!