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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

50 is only 14 in Scrabble

Odd but true facts about my 50th  birthday

1.       My husband threw me a surprise party, but due to a blizzard no one was able to attend (not even us). We threw the cupcakes in the freezer the next day and are hoping the balloons don’t deflate before next Sunday when the party will hopefully resume.
2.      As I looked at the decorations for the party I noticed that the person who decorated had made a really neat “over the hill” cake out of depends. It had trinkets on it such as hemorrhoid cream and other old age remedies and gadgets.  It was very funny but also disturbing as I realized that I already own or use many of the items on the cake.
3.      My husband gave me a card addressed to his Senior Citizen Pal.
4.      Hubs called me on the way to work and sang “Some kind of wonderful” to me in its entirety – trouble is…I was in the shower and Hannah intercepted the call.
5.      At Walgreens today the clerk asked if I was 55 or older.  I wanted to punch her but decided my fragile bones might break! When I told her no, but in fact, today was my 50th birthday she congratulated me on being an Aquarian!  Alas, it has taken 50 years for someone to congratulate me on my Zodiac placement! Apparently, according to the clerk, those that are born under the sign of water are to be respected.  And I was under the impression that those under water needed to be “resuscitated”!  Hmm, never too old to learn I guess! She asked Hannah for her birthdate and then informed her she was a Gemini.  Hannah left confused and I left humming Age of Aquarius in my head all day”!
6.      In honor of my “no white foods” diet I made “brownies” to celebrate the occasion.

Awesome and true facts about my 50th birthday

1.      All of my hubs efforts to celebrate me made me feel incredibly special – I just love my senior citizen pal!
2.      My boys called me up on the phone to pay their respects, er, um, to say happy birthday – one of them even did a photo collage tribute to me on Facebook. Perhaps I should make him some brownies or whiteys!
3.      I got flowers from Spark and my in-laws – nothing better than that on a snowy cold day.
4.      My sister called and sang Happy Birthday to me – something I can always count on.
5.      So many Facebook greetings, text messages and emails from friends I can’t even count them!  Sure makes this old lady feel special, and mathematically challenged!

Thus far – 50 ain’t so bad!

Psalm 71:18

Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come.